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    Founded in 1985, DUTP is a university Press affiliated to Dalian University of Technology (DUT) and administrated by Ministry of Education. DUT is one of the key universities under the direct leadership of the State Ministry of Education. Now it has 14 schools, 31 departments, 42 graduate specialties, 4 national key disciplines, 4 national key laboratories, 3 national technical centers, 11 mobile post-doctoral stations, 8 first-class doctor's centers, 41 second-class doctor's centers, 17 academicians and more than 150 tutors of doctor candidates.

    128 employees (1 professor, 11 associate senior editors, 3 doctors, 5 masters, and more than 100 bachelors) are working in different departments in DUTP, including Publication Centers of Electronic Audio, Foreign Languages (including three departments: Synthetic ENGLISH, College ENGLISH, Japanese Publications), Architecture (Landscape Design, Architecture & Detail, Architectural publications), Technology & Education, Culture & Education, and Higher Vocational Education, Sales & Marketing Company, Printing Company and Educational Bookstore. For effective implementation of international marketing strategies and collaboration of copyright, there's a special department to develop business with many nations in the fields of Japanese, ENGLISH, architecture and tourism, hotels, and so on.

    With rich human resources, DUTP has published textbooks and books on technology, foreign language learning, computer, architecture and graphic design, landscape, financial management and so on. An average number of 300 titles have been published annually. After years' effort, DUTP gets significant developments and becomes one of the top presses. We're now presenting a positive developing tendency of comprehensive strength and competition.

    Adhering to the idea that "there is never the best, but the better" and the people-oriented and creative strategy, we are now exerting ourselves to realize the goals that publish books of high quality, build our brand and become national top publishing house.