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    Established in 2002, Landscape Design Magazine, a bimonthly journal, is the first international professional journal of landscape design in China. Landscape Design Magazine is hosted by the University Press and the School of Architecture and Fine Art of Dalian University of Technology. Landscape Design Magazine is publicly issued home and abroad, with a circulation of 20,000 every issue.

    Landscape Design Magazine aims to boom landscape design and promote the academic exchange at home and abroad,characterized by epochal character, foresight and criticalness, and position the editors with an idea of "Focusing on the Local, Keeping in View the World".

    Landscape Design Magazine focuses on the regional feature in the international thoughts, exploring the Chinese proposition in the eye of the world. Landscape Design Magazine emphasizes the international characters in the local features, aiming to establish a world-class publication with Chinese local characteristics. Huge capacity of immediate information is one of the major characteristics.

    Landscape Design Magazine is unique among the numerous magazines of the same kind with elaborate information, good market sense and fresh style, providing an ideal space for the landscape designers to enrich and perfect their works. Landscape Design Magazine provides a valuable platform for the advertising corporations to expand the market, broaden the product marketing and improve their corporate image. Landscape Design Magazine also provides a professional guidance for the urban landscape design, environmental planning and urban construction in China and has profound effect.