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    Introduction to Authors
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    1. Requirements to the project:

    (1) For a built project, it should be completed after 2008;

    (2) For an unbuilt project, it should be designed after 2009;

    (3) If the project has been published in other Chinese magazines, please notify us when and where it is published.

    2. Firstly, send several images and a short introduction of the project (location, completed time, features, and design concept).

    After LD's confirmation about publishing, then you provide the following materials. (This is helpful for avoiding the situation that you take time and effort to prepare many materials but LD will not publish it.)

    3. An English text about 600-1000 words or longer, Project Credit, Photo Credit, and Writing Credit. All are saved in a Word file.

    The text mainly expresses the design concept, the features and functions of the project, and so on. It's better written in fluent sentences so that it's easy for us to translate into Chinese.

    A Chinese version of the article will be highly appreciated. If that is really difficult for you, LD will ask some translators to do the translation.

    Project Credit includes Location, Client, Completed Time/Planning Time (if it's not been completed yet), Cost, designers and so on

    4. About 20 reality images and about 10 engineering drawings in tif or jpg, with no less than 300dpi,

    including but not limited to site plans, draft plans, artist renders, sketches, drawings, cross-section, aerial photos which can show the design concept of the project. The size of 1 page is 240mm×328mm, so please make sure the images are large enough, because sometimes one image will be laid out across 2 pages. It would be best if there are some simple Captions for each image, just a few words or a short sentence.

    You could send the materials by WETRANSFER and send to : landscape@dutp.cn

    If the pictures provided for Magazine is chargeable, please let us know when contributing, and we will negotiate about the fee with you. If there is no prior notice to Magazine, contributor should promise that there is no controversy for all the pictures and afford all the fees for the pictures. Contributor should be responsible for the controversy caused by the copyright of pictures, while Magazine will not undertake any joint responsibility.

    5. Layout:

    Usually one project occupies about 6 pages (It depends on the length of the text and the quantity of the images). LD will send the layout in PDF file to you for your confirmation before printing.

    6. After publishing, LD will send a complimentary copy to you.

    7. Special Announcement

    1) Landscape Design editorial office preserves the exclusive rights to publish the article in the bilingual format, in English and Chinese, as well as an electronic and/or online version of it. The final layout is the sole property of Landscape Design, and all unauthorized reproduction is barred. Unauthorized copy, republication, extracts, adaptations, translations, notes or editing for profit, by any party, will constitute illegal misappropriations.

    2) Landscape Design is entitled to act upon the infringements and entitled to revise and edit the article provided at the editor's discretion. Please inform us if you have any special requirement for the article. Please don't submit your project to different publishers at the same time and make a duplicate tape as your submission will not be returned.

    3) All materials submitted should be properly credited. Landscape Design will not accept any responsibility for infringements committed by any contributing company.