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Latinscapes, landscape as raw material

Latinscapes, landscape as raw material, was published by Gustavo Gili Publishers (Spain) and released in January 2008. This book is a collection and theoretical analysis of the most prominent contemporary works and designers of Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Panama.
The ideas and material presented here are the outcome of having personally explored and observed each of the projects as well as having investigated the ideas of their inventors, users and political promoters; but, above all, they are the outcome of thinking about the Latin American landscape, the reasons for its modification, its processes and direct results. The projects have been grouped in four subject areas: Master plans of urban reconversion; restoration and rehabilitation of the landscape; projects with tourist and cultural aims; and residential projects. In the three first sections the variations on a single model of intervention in the landscape respond to the need to reconvert the uses of deteriorated, abandoned or underused sites that have gradually been produced all over the world in recent decades. The fourth section of residential projects explores private projects for the re-utilisation and restoration of landscapes.
Jimena Martignonigraduated as an Architect at the Belgrano University (UB) in Buenos Aires, and completed post-graduate studies in Landscape Architecture at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and in Social Sciences and Environment at the Latin American University of Social Sciences (FLACSO). After working for two years in a landscape architecture studio in the USA, she has been active since 2001 in landscape research and publicity in Latin America. Since 2004 she has written regularly on this subject in Landscape Architecture Magazine (USA), Topos (Germany), Landscape Design (China), Arquine (Mexico) and other Latin American magazines.

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