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    2008 (6th) Annual Conference of Landscape Design Council Ended with Complete Success (Pictures)
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    The reflection and communication triggered by “Landscape · Region · Culture · Ecology”— 6th Annual Conference of Landscape Design Council in 2008
    On Nov. 1, 2008, 6th Annual Conference of Landscape Design Council opened; the honored guests attending the meeting were Landscape Design council members, supporting media and other landscape design professionals and college students out of admiration for such a famous meeting. Guest speaker put forward his own point of view based on the conference theme “Landscape · Region · Culture · Ecology” and presented a wonderful speech for the participants: Nature Intimation—Botanic Landscape Design, presented by Su Xuehen, professor, doctoral supervisor as well as the head of garden department of Beijing Forestry University; Boundless Design, presented by Chen Ling, the director and chief architect of WSP Architects; “Ethical Aesthetics” —a new-century aesthetics activity hypothesis, presented by Kong Xiangwei, the chief architect of Beijing Guanzhu Landscape Design Co., Ltd., and Managing Chief Editor of Peking University Landscape Architects; Urban Mother River, presented by Li Jianwei, the CEO of EDSA Orient and chief designer; Design Regression, presented by Li Cundong, the chief architect and the president of Environmental Art Design Research Institute of China Architecture Design & Research Group; Dangerous Landscape—walking into the inside of the society from vision, presented by Pang Wei, the general manager and chief designer of Guangzhou Turen Landscape Planning Co., Ltd.
    In addition, all guests present warmly discussed the problem of the development direction of Landscape Design in 2009 as well as how to improve qualities in order to better serve industry development. At the same time, foreign editor Mr. Pedro explained the route and schedule of “Trip to Spain and Portugal Mediterranean coast in 2009” planned together with Landscape Design. The investigation will be started in Nov. 2009, most parts of Europe is cold at that time, however, which southern Mediterranean coast is pretty warm, where you can enjoy Arabian architecture, seek for the origin of European landscape design and visit royal and vacation cities in Portugal and Spain to understand early-stage orthodox landscape architecture. Lingering on the countryside natural landscape in Andalusia Spain, you can stop at the famous Ahambra Palace to feel the local conditions and customs. 
    With the joint effort of all editors in Landscape Design Magazine and substantial support by council members and media of the same kind, this year’s council conference has received great praise by the guests participated in a conference and obtained complete success with its novel form and advanced viewpoints.