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    Access to New Landscape—Lecture Given by Pang Wei, the Chief Designer of Guangzhou Turen
    2008-07-09  点击:[]

    Access to New LandscapeLecture Given by Pang Wei, the Chief Designer of Guangzhou Turen
    On June 16, 2008, Mr. Pang Wei, the general manager and chief designer of Guangzhou Turen Landscape Planning Co., Ltd, was invited by the Landscape Design Magazine of Dalian University of Technology Press to give a lecture on Access to New Landscape in the library of Dalian University of Technology University. Meanwhile, Mr. Kong Xiangwei, the general manager and chief designer of Beijing Guanzhu Landscape Design Co., Ltd was also invited to attend this lecture.
    The lecture based on a context that our country had suffered a greater disaster in 2008, which tried to subvert some inertia thoughts in the past, so that reconstruction work carried out not only in Wenchuan, but also within the whole country, not only aimed to restore to pre-disaster physical form and level, but to develop towards a newer direction. 
    Mr. Pang Wei cut into the topic from the definition of landscape concept and showed two kinds of landscapes formed by earthquake and demolition through some pictures. He believes that the former is the power of earth on people, the latter the power of people on earth, similarly, these two powers are both presented in a rough form, therefore, we can doubt which power the landscape designers, urban planners and architects are subordinate to and answer: “we are now subordinate to people—such kind of single power, we cannot act as a coordinator between man and nature, listen to each others’ power sound or thinking conversion, which is a big problem today.” “As designers, we should act as a coordinator, an observer and a tier for both sides’ benefits between man and nature, man and natural power rather than serve for a single part.” “Designers should not merely be industry workers, but entirely work for mankind, they are the wise men of human civilization and learned persons, and they have a deep understanding of our humanity, our fellow citizens and our civilization.” 
    So what is the new landscape? After defining what landscape is and the role of landscape architects, Mr. Pang Wei made more in-depth study and discussion on subject from three major aspects. First, from the perspective of nature, “Design should reflect the intelligence and the characteristics of an era with the relationship of nature, namely, reflect sustainability, energy saving, native soil oriented, rainwater collection and groundwater self-restraint, etc., which are the first critical things of new landscape.” He appreciated those ancients who really integrated into the nature, such as Tao Yuanming, Xie Lingyun, Ruan Ji, etc., and criticized Mi Fu and Song Huizong’s morbid appreciation of the beauty and advocated “The beauty of weeds”. He pointed that, compared with foreign countries, domestic weeds applications and weeds related book are greatly deficient. The second “new” is reflected in the political and sociological aspects. “Landscape design should respect the people; human care can be reflected from disabled access, convenient measures, etc. In addition, based on design ideas, design forms, design aesthetics, design materials, innovation and development of design science and creation should be put into vision and space.” The third point of “new” is on the history and culture. “It is emphasized that all cultural values should be held with respectful attitudes and appropriate actions should be taken.” During the process of making landscape design, historical culture is discussed aiming at specific land rather than easily risen to great environmental background. 
    During the whole process of talks, Mr. Pang Wei variously cited, made combination between pictures show and talk, interacted with the students and developed a lively discussion on the new landscape.