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    Dynamic Design—Public Waterfront Space

    Confucius said “The wise man takes pleasure in water” in The Analects, and Laocius also said “The highest excellence is like that of water” in Laozi. Water is the liveliest element in nature, and no human can live without it. Since ancient times, many cities all around the world were built upon river system. Water is closely related to the origin of human civilization and the development of cities. Waterfront is the earliest developing area of a city. With deep accumulation of culture and rich material civilization, waterfront is not only the image window of the city, but also the essence of the urban landscape. As an important resource in urban developing, waterfront is very valuable in improving the quality of urban environment, enriching the regional style and other aspects. Under the combined impact of protecting the ecological environment and the sustainable development ideas, the unique position of urban waterfront is getting more and more attention from the public.