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    2014.01 Ecological Restoration of Landscape

    Frankly speaking, I believe that the extremely urgent ecological problem now in China is not to restore the ecological environment, but to stop destroying, stop the large-scale ecological destruction no matter it is out of what kind of motives and excuses. If we can restrain the destruction of our generation and give it up, then our descendant could have the chance to restore the ecological devastation that left by their “unworthy” predecessors. Frankly speaking, this is my dream. Therefore, it is necessary that we ponder the subject “the ecological restoration” right now for this dream and for the enterprise that people are obliged to do in the future. In this sense, the landscape design of the next generation is less on the creation of people, but more on the ecological restoration. No health, no beauty! It is the same for people and the same for the land, mountains and rivers. Landscape design thus needs to walk away from the superficial cosmetology, and get back to the original intention to meet and solve tough and crucial problems. So what comes first should be ecological engineering and biotechnology instead of beautification. And landscape designers should be the doctor, not the beautician, of the land. Then the collection of people in this industry won’t be a group of rich guy who adulate beauty and are of meaningless existence, but those most honest and courageous people with the power of healing the land.