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    Landscape Design of Culture and Art Space

    In the crowd, someone are called or regarded as “intellectuals” or “artists” and so on. These titles could be dated from ancient times. The spaces and the landscape where intellectuals and artists work have some unique characteristics. Words like “Wenqi”,“scholarliness” and “ambiance of literature and art” could be used to describe people’s feelings towards the spaces and the landscape; the experience that people in an academy in the mountains in China or places like Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou are associated to feel the ambiance. Indeed, when culture and architecture are inserted in a space or a ground, the place will experience the leap from tangible object to spirit. Spirit will no longer be the intangible spirit, but the “spirit substance”, which help the space or the site to be a kind of culture and art. For all the time, our education of design, especially the education of design in the engineering course avoids cultivating students into intellectuals and artists. They always correct and remind you of the engineer nature of your work. Therefore, the designers dare not associate their work with culture and art and put themselves on the shelf. Modest and self-disparagement like this will not help the designers to be the excellent“engineer” and “craftsman” and help to foster the aura of culture and art and the creativity. In this issue, we discussed the landscape design of culture and art space. What I would like to remind to you is that the designers of this kind must be the people who can bear the aura of culture and art in their heart. Otherwise, what we can see now is the landscape of “culture and art space” with countless hard pavements and awkward sculptures. If so, what pathetic it is!