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    Landscape Design of Convention and Exhibition Center

    The disclosure of the crime committed by the “King of Convention and Exhibition” of Chengdu revealed the tip of the iceberg of large government convention and exhibition centers’ operations in our country. From this, we know better the political complexion on conventions and exhibitions, and the native characteristic of Chinese conventions and exhibitions while they are showing their “Chinese characteristic”. What is the native characteristic of Chinese style convention and exhibition center? We can enumerate some features and phenomenon in the design activities. For example, fast period. So long as the project does, it must be completed within a short time, emphasizing on the completion time and the use of it, left not enough time and space for preparation and deliberation. Or another, the design must be magnificent. It must be extravagant and stressed on axis and hard pavements and so on, which means profound, high-end and dignified and are claimed for “card” or “symbol” of the local economy and social development. And also, one of the distinctive features of the local characteristics is none other than no feature, which all adopted granite or paving tile, large area of lawn, geometrical carpet flower bed and all kinds of the same urban furniture (lamp, benches and so on). The convention and exhibition architecture and landscape that are cast in the same mould reflects the idea of the developer and the designers and the homogenization of the world towards this kind of thing. People can hardly tell the place where it belongs to. Does it belong to Chengdu or Xi’an or Guiyang or Guilin? It can be locates all of the places above or none of them. The special subject of this issue includes several landscape projects about convention and exhibition centers both at home and abroad, conveying the message that even this kind of projects can accommodate calmness, humanity, and the normal hearts of normal people. We should draw lessons from them.