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    Nordic Landscape—Treasuring Regional Characteristics

    Influenced by the wise man Lao Tzu of our country, if given the chance to choose, I would like to live in a small quiet country without the internal and external conflicts. For me, the peaceful mind and tranquil scenery inside and outside is a most splendid life experience. If I must take some examples that can live up to my Utopia, maybe our neighbour Bhutan is one of them. If going a bit further, the northern Europe, the countries on Scandinavia Penisula can exactly fit my descriptions. The Arctic Circle, the ancient Vikings, Hans Christian Andersen, Nokia, IKEA, Aalto, Hugo Alvar Herik Aalto… The impression of Sandinavia is a combination of the remote geography, the ancient time, the vogue and the contemporary era. The brightest and the lightest north is where it is. Most of time, I am not the person who always like grabbing the opportunity to summarize things. When we face to the lively and dynamically colorful world, we should realize that how difficult and risky the summary is. Nevertheless, someone use the words “the nature filled with human interest”, which is a very appropriate description, in my point of view, to narrate the Nordic landscape. The description emphasizes every particular person, the comfort and feelings of people instead of dazzling, unfounded and big words. It also bases on people’s own engineering, sociology, ecology and so on. We should understand that respecting the fact, which human is comprehensive, reflects the social overall value on design. Finally, I want to add one more sentence, Nordic people really appreciate their local characteristics companying with the contemporary development. They focus all intentions and endeavor to maintain the beauty of homeland instead of other things.