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    2014.06 Flexible Design—Temporary Landscape

    Temporary landscape can be deciphered as using time to define and feel space. Temple fair and village fair are temporary landscape; memorial archway and flowerbed set by governments at all levels during festivals are temporary landscape; and these years, cities like to hold various events, in which the landscape is inevitably temporary and one-off at last. Landscape, regardless of cost and resource, which built only for accomplishing a task, even for a spectacle in a blink of an eye, is called official “temporary landscape”. Unofficial “temporary landscape”, on the other hand, is rather remarkable, such as a temporary art show on the street, or a fashion market somewhere at weekends… Even the blossom on the branch can be counted in, since they will be gone in a few days, leaving nothing but leaves and branches Constant, permanent and eternal are the opposites of temporary. However, “temporary things” are always the ones that we, as human beings, get in touch with. As time goes by, everything will change someday. In broad terms, all the landscape is “temporary”, isn’t it? “Temporary things” help us have an insight into the nature of landscape and transfer the “temporary things” into various aesthetic moments or instants.