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    2015.01 Landscape and Architecture for Senior Living with Medical Facilities

    Design is beauty, seals, chop stones, ancient porcelains and paintings and calligraphy are also beauty. But the beauty of design does not certainly consist in its elegance, but in its important social effect, its responsibility, mission and task.

    All the aspects in the society are constructed through design, from the hospital where one is born, the residential area one lives in, school, commercial street and the leisure and recreation places, to the highlighted part of this issue on the facilities for elderly people, even the funeral and interment place when one is dead. The quality and beauty that people can feel from these aspects depend largely upon the design.

    One thing that we all the time do not attach much importance to is that design is like medical science and medical skill, whose essence is “benevolent mind and heart” and “benevolent capability”, kindness, care and compassion, and the down-to-earth social service. Its aim is to make people live comfortably and enjoy the considerate, convenient, safe service and the beauty.

    The cases in the special subject of this issue can confirm the statements above.