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    2015.03 Landscape Design of Enterprise Zone

    Different from residence, the RESIDENT of enterprise park is a sort of economy entity such as a company or enterprise. The economy entity may not be human, however the enterprise is composed of people and serves people, and eventually it is about Human Story. I used to be a landscape designer for Midea Group in the head office, the playful landscape is a representative of the land on which the enterprise relies, as compare to the modern architecture style of the tower in the head office which is introverted and silent. Actually, the success of the enterprise like Midea Group is owing to join forces of particular landscape, people and the era in Pearl River Delta region. Well, garden designer Mr. Ji Cheng and his counterparts of that age do not have a chance to design a project like enterprise park. The landscape of land and society is moving forward intertwined with ancient force of nostalgia arising from deep heart and the body, these are complexity and contradiction torturing, encouraging and driving us. In fact, complexity and contradiction are nearly synonym of this world.