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    2015.05 Remodeling of Historical Human Landscape

    The topic focused in this issue is the protection and reconstruction of historic cultural landscape. Either protection or reconstruction is a trending topic nowadays, actually. The protection of historic cultural landscape is always connected to the preservation of cultural relics and cultural heritage. It is usually supported and directed by the existing laws and regulations. There are laws to abide by and rules to follow, but in fact, there are quite some projects being destroyed even if they should be well protected. For example, the municipal cultural relics of Guangzhou—the cemetery of the New 1st Army soldiers who died in Burma's War. It used to be located in food market for a few decades, in which are the skeletons or ashes of about 17,000 soldiers brought back from battlefields in India and Burma. The cemetery gate breaks and the site is full of noise from vendors. Aiming at this condition, voice from intelligent people can always be heard, but this is the actual situation of historic landscape, which can be found here and there. However, the reconstruction of historic cultural landscape reminds me the word of “building”, which is frequently used in this age. There are troppo so-called reconstructions, inundated with many tastes and theories in the contemporary society, as well as desires and demands of commercial investors. In the numerous reconstructions of historical landscape, we can hardly find any history. Historic cultural landscape is an important part of the civilized world that civilized people live in, the necessary public memory of social groups, and also a powerful existence helping us break through ignorance, numbness and indifference.