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    2015.06 Building Ecology-Typed Urban Commercial Space

    Urban environment, a kind of artificial “ecology”, has few natural objects, or changes the existing status of them greatly, where flora and fauna are attached to human beings, needing to adjust their living strategies and having to accept the new rules in this artificial world. However, human beings are not satisfied with cities like this, and a “natural” urban taste springs up. There might be a real forest in the urban center, and green corridormay connect a series of lively parks with different species. Commercial space, at the same time, blurs its boundaries with parks.It seems to be a fact instead of a dream to shop in the natural atmosphere and enjoy creek, four seasons, bloom and fade in the large-scale commercial center. “Ecology” is an overused word that has already lost its own reference. While, even so, “ecology” is still good and an object that conforms tohumanity and what we expect inside. When government and developers are still willing to use ecology as an appeal and slogan, it shows that how non-ecological we are and how much we like ecology. Indeed, it is an interesting challenge to be entrusted to design a large-scale commercial project because we are good at ecology or park design.