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    2016.01 Urban Transportation Landscape

    Urban Transportation Landscape includes terminal, wharf, station, both sides of lines, tunnel viaduct and so on. People in the modern society are dynamic and travel a lot. All body movements out of various reasons in one’s life can generate the behavior called “Transportation”. In a narrow sense, sceneries on the road are the traffic tools and surrounding facilities, which is the urban transportation landscape. While broadly speaking, they are all that you can see outside. People used to regard the frontcourt and the surrounding places of stations as unordered places which are full of people and objects, where landscape and signs distributing wildly. The landscape design for these places actually is the important rebuilt of the city, which shows the civilization level and development stage of the city, and reflects the real status of the city. It is exact to call these places the window or business card of the city. At the same time of managing the dirty, disorderly and bad phenomena, another problem of transportation landscape surfaces: they are too similar or even the same. With the same materials, thoughts and skills, one can’t tell out the differences between two stations, or if there is only one difference, it is the name on the station board. How to make a place different from others should become a troublesome problem in this age. Transportation not only relates to some key words like orderly or efficiency which we can understand, but also let us become aware of the truth that we actually left some places rather than staying at the departure place.