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    2016.03 Low-cost Landscape

    The good things are not certain to be expensive ones. The taste and nutrition of home cooking that suits one’s taste probably is not worse than delicacies. A plain girl wearing T-shirt without makeup may look better than a girl wearing designer clothes with heavy makeup. So does landscape. Local stones, tiles, and plants are much cheaper than imported ones. In fact, they are also more appropriate and beautiful. According to oriental aesthetic concept, nature is well respected. Nature means the intrinsic status of everything. All over-piled, intended and over-artificial things are not top-grade. Currently, the most unreasonable system in our society is to define the payment of designers as a certain percentage of project cost. That is to say, if designers reduce the cost, their payment will also be decreased. It is supposed to be the ability of a designer to reduce the cost and get the same outcome, which is good to owners and the society, while now, it is equal to shoot himself in the foot. It is this payment system that encourages the high-cost deformity design. If the unreasonable system is removed, a lot of money can be saved, and we can also receive many low-cost good design.