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    2016.04 Outside the City

    The orientation of human in urban age makes the urban development a matter of course. At the same time, modernization is taken for granted. While, comparing with the human history of millions of years and the human civilization of 5000 years, the above-mentioned is not developed from ancient time. In the long period of time, human get familiar with the rivers, mountains, stars, prairies, farmlands and so on, the same as human are familiar with their houses and supermarkets. Even today, the areas outside city, remain to be treasured and attractive. In natural environment and countryside, what we called “second nature”, there are vast land, mountains and rivers; there are also scenic spots, rural scenery, ancient villages, manors, food transformation plant... Sometimes, modernization seems to have developed here from city, but they are more like a place filled with beauty of thousands of years, to eliminate the fever of modernization. Nowadays, more and more Chinese designers begin on the rural reconstruction. There may be some deficiencies and shortcomings, but it makes designers get rid of the single values, embrace the extensive designing resource and philosophy of life.