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    2016.05 Beauty of Land—Presenting in Undulations

    Ms. Miao, the director editor of Landscape Design Magazine provides me several topics for this issue: disposal of altitude difference in landscape, creating mountain landscape according to circumstances, rolling landscape, ecological undulating landscape… All of them are indicating to the theme of this issue: The Earth is not flat, and the beauty of the land is presenting in the terrain. China is a mountainous country. According to the statistics, the area of mountains, hills and plateau accounts for 69% of the total land area in China. The landscape features in these hilly towns and countries are mainly created on the base of their difference in height, such as the famous salt field in Yanjing, Tibet, terraced fields in Yuanyang, Yunnan, and the famous mountain city—Chongqing. The preparation works of a construction in our country are summarized as “three supplies (water, electricity and roads) and one leveling (the ground)”, which has been implemented for many years and deeply rooted among the designers. However, the original topography and native vegetation, which are the valuable original point and basis of a good design, are all ruined after “one leveling”. To break out the ordinary in design, we have to learn to respect and retain the “rough” in the site.