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    2016.06 Rain Garden

    Years ago, we had a chance to pay a visit to European countries. We were all excited when a European professor in our visit team told us that he would lead us to a famous and landmark landscape project in Hanover, Germany. At that time what a landmark or awesome design means the creative design in aesthetic and architecture form to us, so we all felt thrilled when we heard that. However, we were very disappointed when a plain landscape design came in sight. It was just a drainage system in a residential quarter, beginning with the grass ditch close to residential building, and then these small ditches formed a bigger one, finally ended up in a low-lying land covered with natural vegetation which was also used as a small garden of the community. The European professor showed us this drainage system, which they called “Rain Garden”. When we first saw this kind of landscape design, we thought that the foreign landscape design was totally different with what we did in China. We were trying to make the design creative and eye-catching, while they were somehow going back to nature, to something low-key and commonly seen. But later, the more and more frequently waterlogging disasters or the so-called “see a sea view in city” accidents forced us to think deeply and recall the grass ditches and low-lying land we saw before. Compared with the eye-catching design, it may be helpful in solving the serious problems we are facing with right now. Landscape architecture not only creates beautiful scenery, but also makes the environment more healthy and sustainable. Health is the foundation of beauty, human, and even of the earth. The theme of this issue is “Rain Garden”. These words were written in working clearance in the afternoon because of busyness in the end of the year. The weather here in the south is as warm as that in summer with blue sky and white cloud. Has the noxious smog dispersed in the northern part of China?