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    2017.01 Reconstruction and Landscape Design of Residential Area

    The top priority of human beings’ life is the shelter. How a person feels about the environment when he is a little child always begins with his own room and house. For humans, what his home looks like means more than the look of the universe.

    The solution and answer to the question what your home should be like lies in the community landscape design, which is connected with a person’s individual aesthetics orientation and environmental values. It is true that you can force yourself to stay in a movie theater, a museum or a government building though you may not like because it is not the place you have to stay in every day and night. While for your own house, not only you have to sleep here, live here, but also no matter where you go or how far you are away from it, you have to go back. The true origin of your world lies in where you live.