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    2018.04 City Sports Park

    Today’s topic is about the urban exercise park.

    Where do the cities go, or what will the cities look like in the future? There is no idea. It seems that the tendency of the urban development is almost the assumption of the same kind for the future life situation of human beings, which makes us get into imagination and confusion to a large degree. Whereas there is no doubt that exercising in the city to enable individuals to do sports in the public space is an increasingly satisfying and practical thing for those who reside in the city.

    Aside from the new exercise fields and facilities, the old urban space and sites which are not associated with the exercise, including the old factory, dam, roof, street place and so forth, are designed as the exercise park in a broad or narrow sense, which is an extremely creative thing.

    From the perspectives of me, we are supposed to make those who play mahjong fewer but enable more individuals to take exercise, to make various exercise parks become the standard of the urban life.