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    2018.06 Artistry of the Popular Landscape

    When speaking of arts in landscapes, we can say that landscapes are arts. Aren’t books arts of binding and layout? Aren’t delicious foods arts of cooking? As what is concluded by Yu Kongjian, lands are arts of survival.

    In fact, about 20 years ago, when landscapes were developed rapidly in China, three types of practitioners entered into the industry, i.e., gardening majors from colleges of agriculture and forestry, construction planning majors from colleges of architecture and environmental art majors from colleges of fine arts. They had different strength and emphasized points, in which architects with backgrounds of environmental art regarded landscapes as an art.

    People tend to argue about no name and definition of a multivariate thing. Names are only representing symbols. Compared with formalist definitions and stubborn formal names, the fuzzy boundary and the polybasic complicated structure are more charming.

    So do arts. More and more “artists” are stepping over traditional boundaries of arts and walking out of orthodox art galleries, to make arts farther and wider. Both sculptures with close relationship with landscape in the history and various popular public arts at present, including land art, installation art, conceptual art, performance art, etc., all of them are enriching, constructing, finishing or unfinished our surrounding world. At the same time, they are “landscapes” of modern landscapes.