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    2019.01 Park City Ⅰ

    At the beginning of 2019, let's review the events of the past 40 years since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party in 1978. It's proud that there are a great many changes have taken place in China's economy, society and other aspects. At the same time, landscape architecture, as an industry closely related to people's life, has ushered in the best period of development and made important contributions to the construction of national ecological civilization. Landscape architects stand at a new starting point and look forward to the future. We have a long way to go in order to build our great motherland better and let people live in a beautiful environment with bluer sky, greener mountains and clearer water.

    It is also at this historic moment that the School of Architecture, Tianjin University has the honor to be one of the organizers of Landscape Design magazine, shouldering the heavy responsibility entrusted by the new era. We will work with Dalian University of Technology (Press, School of Architecture & Fine Arts), remaining true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind to promote the academic transformation of magazines and lead the innovation of disciplines and industries, relying on the profound historical and cultural implications, comprehensive technological advantages and academic influence of schools and colleges.

    In the future, "Landscape Design", on the basis of upholding its consistent aim of running journals, will try to explore the direction of development facing the new era, focus on the frontier of industry development, solve the important social needs, create academic columns, refine excellent articles, expand the way of magazine dissemination column, and help the vigorous development of China’s landscape architecture.

    The “Landscape Design” will provide a wide and deep platform for cultural exchange and cooperation among academic institutions, colleges and universities and practice groups in the landscape garden industry through special columns, excellent cases, conference forums and competitions.

    “Landscape Design” will invite more experts and industry elites to participate in the work of the magazine, and will welcome more contributors to contribute their own high-level academic papers and contributions. We work together to bring the magazine to a higher academic level.

    With the gorgeous Chinese dream in our hearts, all landscape architects besides us are exploring the hazy mountains and waters, working on the boundless land, making unremitting efforts to realize the people's dream for a better life and to make our homeland more beautiful and more sound.

    In 2019, Landscape Design magazine 01 and 02, with the theme of "Park City" is based on the problems of cities of China after decades of rapid development, such as degradation of ecological environment, serious damage to natural culture, and the contradiction between urban and rural dual structure. When General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the Tianfu New District in February 2018, he stressed: "To highlight the characteristics of the park city and take into account the ecological value, the city is expected to be as a whole a big park, and when people go out, the city is like a the garden in their own houses. Under the important instruction, Landscape Design magazine responds to the needs of theoretical research and innovative practice of landscape architecture industry, deeply explores the connotation and concept of "Park City" and its construction methods and ways, publishes a series of monographs and cases, shares the research results and practical experience of “Park City” and discusses its future development direction.

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