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    2019.02 Park City Ⅱ

    Actually, the idea of “Park City” can be deemed as an ideal goal to realize subsequent urban developments within the new era, as well as one high-level harmony and unification which can ensure the public can achieve better life and healthy development in both economy and society, full of rich connotations. In fact, the specific content reflects in the following several aspects.

    “People-centered” is a basic concept of constructing park city. And by taking “Idea that People is Core of City” as value orientation and regarding “Better City, Better Life” as final mission, from green-land system within metropolitan area to each street-scene space design, all things shall be considered with views beneficial to all people. In course of constructing park city, it’s recommended putting emphasis upon the principle of “co-discussion, co-construction, co-governance and co-share”, centralizing on serving for all people, satisfying individualized demands from city residences of all ages and all walks of life towards better living environments with maximal extent, as well as realistically enhancing access feelings of city residences.

    “Eco-priority” is a core mission of constructing park city. It’s much necessary to pay more attention to the concept of constructing one city-ecological civilization with “City-&-Green Common Prosperity”, as well as protecting its entire biological diversity and natural habitats within urban and rural ecological environments for fully showing “green-hill-&-clear-water” ecological values within park cities and enhancing entire happiness sense of city residences with good urban eco-environments.

    “Contextual Continuance” is an inexorable requirement of constructing park city. It’s recommended that we shall protect natural and humanistic landscapes with local characteristics, as well as inherit and continue in urban fabrics, creating city looks with regional characteristics, as well as enhancing senses of pride of city residences therein.

    “System Coordination” is an irreversible step of constructing park city. City can be deemed as one compound living organism, composed of ecological system, life system, production system and cultural system. Relying on the ideal of Park City, we have been trying our best to lead a whole-new urban development way, city-residence life style and production & management mode, as well as revolute social governance way within the new era. Besides that, we have always been building up one livable life way with high-degree harmony with people, city, environment and industry, constructing city core-competition advantage, as well as enhancing entire superiority sense of city residences.

    We hope that, through a series of topical studies around park city in this issue, the efforts we have made can offer their valuable suggestions when exploring the idea of Park City in our country, as well as in hope that our scholars, focusing on landscape gardening matters, can contribute themselves into this circle with our ongoing efforts on the way to realize Beautiful China. In near future, we’ll be sure to realize the artistic conception that cities are surrounded by landscapes while homes settled in gardens. That’s the ambition that our landscape gardening people have been constantly seeking for.

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