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    2019.05 Public Participation and Community Building

    With China's rapid economic growth, people's demands for quality of life are improving day by day, which makes the relationship between urban construction and social life become more and more complicated. In the new era, social transformation needs to re-examine and reflect on the problems of urban construction, social governance and environmental renewal, and find innovative solutions. In recent years, the concept of "co-construction, co-governance and sharing" has been paid more and more attention. Community building gradually be carried into the public view of our country, and become one of the effective means to build an innovative social model, which is conducive to building a high-quality, harmonious and livable urban and rural life.

    Community building refers to residents in the same geographical scope, in the most direct and most life-oriented place of public participation, continuous collective action to deal with their common life issues, shared goals, needs and interests, forming friendly and intimate relations of the community. The core of community construction is" people-oriented ", which is based on" public participation ", taking the cultural, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of the public as the basic starting point, paying attention to the cultivation of values such as community standard, pluralism, social cooperation and self-participation, as well as the cultivation of the cohesion and participation ability of the community people, so as to realize the combination of "from bottom to top" public participation and " from top to bottom" government guidance to realize the interaction and promote each other.

    The core development goals of community construction include: "landscape building" means that the public participate in environmental management together, solve the actual needs faced by life, promote the afforestation and beautification of public space, build livable living space together, promote the healthy development of city; "industry building" is to coordinate the relationship between urban construction and social life, promote social transformation and healthy economic development in the new era, activate the economic activities of the community, and meet the people's needs for a better life; "educating people" is to rebuild the relationship between people, people and the environment, to build families, neighborhoods, communities and even the communication between the whole people, to create a common spiritual home.

    Through the discussion of community building and public participation, we hope to further promote the exploration of community building concept and practice, to provide innovative models and methods for urban development and social governance in our country, to realize people's deep participation in urban and rural construction and management, and to create a better life together.