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    2019.04 Urban Design

    In the past two decades, the urbanization process has attracted the attention of the world. However, it has also accumulated a lot of environmental problems, with various "urban diseases" spreading and growing, and the city features is disappeared constantly, so that cities cannot meet people's needs for better life. In order to solve the problem of urban sustainable development and improve the quality of urban environment, the central urban work conference paid great attention to urban design held in 2015, and urban design has become a hot topic of research and discussion in the fields related to architecture, planning and landscape architecture.

    Urban design is committed to the study of the construction of urban spatial form construction texture and systematic design should be carried out to site construction, architecture, transportation, open space, plant landscape, heritage protection and other urban subsystems, it is a subject in continuous improvement and development. It has experienced three development stages: traditional urban design, modernist urban design and green urban design. In the future, with the development of smart city, Internet, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, it will enter a new stage of digital urban design.

    China currently has entered a new normal of urban development, namely, a stage dominated by stock design and focused on quality improvement. It is necessary to solve various problems left over from the rapid urban development in the early stage and carry out fine and scientific "mending" and "repair" to the urban and its ecological environment.

    A new era of urban design needs to take the people as the center, protect natural ecological landscape and historical and cultural heritage of landscaping, forests, fields, lakes, put an end to "Abroad building monster" and "thousand cities with one face" phenomenon, through comprehensive means, such as space management, ecological restoration, create a strong regional culture characteristics, with modern city livable environment which can see mountain, and watch water, remember nostalgia Landscape major will play an increasingly important role in the field of urban design.