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    2019.03 Sponge City

    In the field of modern urban stormwater administration, landscape architecture industry, while playing an important role, faces a number of challenges. For one thing, the core professional technology of landscape architecture, that is, the multifunctional recombination and cross-technology integration of mountain and water layout, plant landscaping and habitat creation, which involve not only the breakthrough and innovation of academic research, but also the design practice in the professional field. For another, the development of related extension fields such as big data technology, Internet of Things technology and virtual simulation technology, which prompt us to try and think about how to leverage modern information technology to assist landscape architecture to play more significant and effective role and contribution in the field of ecological environment protection and restoration.

    Furthermore, the urban stormwater administration issues in China shall learn from the successful experience of developed countries, but must not simply copy. In China, the regional climate characteristics, plant community composition, existing environment conditions, river network system status, etc. are all featured by obvious particularities. Therefore, it is more necessary to focus on the specific and practical stormwater administration issues in different regions and different scales from the natural and existing environment characteristics of China, and to form scientific and localized construction method and technology for Chinese sponge cities. From different perspectives of existing environment and plant habitat, this topic issue covers the exploration and practice of sponge city construction in different macro and micro scales to provide reference for the exploration and practice of sponge city construction in China.