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    2019.06 Urban Public Art

    If the landscape environment is an important carrier of human living space, the public art has become an indispensable existence in this carrier. As the core topic of public art exploration, "commonality" has been accompanied by the urbanization of China and the development of public consciousness and culture. The emphasis of urban evolution in China has been transformed from hardware construction and industrial development into humanistic urban construction with culture as its kernel, and public art, as an important way of urban culture in the future, has become more and more integrated into urban public space and public life.

    In the construction mode of contemporary urban spatial form, it can leave deep memory for the public, and it belongs to architecture and public art. As the "tangible" cultural symbols in the urban public space, they are the important features of inheriting and innovating the urban context, and also show the character, attitude and quality of a city. Therefore, public art is an indispensable part of contemporary public life.

    With the mutual verification and continuous evolution of contemporary urban theory and practice, the theoretical research and social practice of public art are developing. China's public art is growing up with unprecedented vigor, and some new cases that are developing constantly arouse the continuous concern and concern of the academic circles and even the social circles.

    Therefore, in such a time of great success, the "landscape design" has specially introduced the theme of urban public arts. The special invitation represents the national level, the newest public art practice project-"Beijing Daxing International Airport" art chief director, the Central Academy of Fine Arts city design college deputies Wang Zhong, how the public art innovation, leading the city; In recent two years, the famous and active public artists in China were invited to complete the national projects of the 13th National Games, the main torch tower of the Paralympic Games and the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In addition, there are some young and middle-aged public artists such as Li Xun, who are active in the field of public art education.

    From theory to practice, the paper expounds the latest research trend and practice exploration of public art from different perspectives, and presents it in several aspects, such as timeliness, idealism and geography. Look forward to taking this opportunity to speak on behalf of the public art profession!

    Thanks again for the trust and support of the "Landscape Design" magazine and hopes to be able to provide public art articles with deep intentions with the most forward-looking academic positions as always.

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